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General Information:
Average inmates  on a daily average is 100

We have approximately 36 trustee positions, but we try to work as many as possible. The positions are as follows:

  • 3 hall positions
  • 3 kitchen
  • 2 laundry
  • 2 maintenance
  • 9 cell
  • 17 litter program

Indigent kits for inmates are 2.00 and 4.00
Full time employees pay rate is 8.50
Part time 7.25

 To see if someone’s in Jail, click here.

 The Menu:
“If you don’t like the food, don’t come to jail!” – Sheriff Armando Fontes

What’s allowed in jail:

  • 5 white tee shirts
  • 5 white underwear
  • 3 white sports bras no wire
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 3 white towels
  • 3 white washcloths
  • 2 bars of antibacterial soap
  • 1 white flat sheet no elastic
  • 1 navy blue sweat bottoms
  • 1 navy blue sweat top
  • 1 bottle clear shampoo
  • 1 clear deodorant
  • 1 clear tote box to store items in
  • 1 navy, brown, or black pair of crocks

All items must be brought in during first 48 hours of intake. All items must have inmates name on them, items may not have logos, zippers, buttons or strings. If they do the items will not be allowed or accepted into the facility.

Inmates may have new items brought in every third month. Inmate must send out old items in order to receive new items. Months are as follows: January, april, july, and october. Please remain in lobby so you may take any unacceptable items back home with you if at all possible. For inmates to be able to call out of the cell, someone must set up the phone service by calling 1-828-885-7998 or 1-888-884-4889.